Integrated Delivery Platform

E2B Delivery is a delivery marketplace for trusted and professional logistic companies, that supports regional growth in e-commerce and business deliveries. E2B Delivery acts as the agoda for logistics, a delivery platform where e-commerce parties, businesses, and individual dispatch delivery orders in real time to our network of professional and trusted drivers, taking into account their present and future location, vehicle size and its capacity.

Some of our notable e-commerce clients: berrybenka.com, elevenia.com, zalora.com, and blibli.com. Currently the E2B Delivery platform is trusted by Kompas Gramedia Xpress to support all logistic sending services using the E2B Delivery System.

There are practically four main users in E2B Delivery system, which are: customers, admins, logistic partners & hub operators, and couriers. Each users interact with E2B Delivery system using each corresponding applications which can be grouped into mobile applications and web applications. Those applications communicate through a centralized API which is hosted in the backend constellation consisting mainly with app and database server.

Mobile App




Hub Management

Management System



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Driver Mobile App

  • Delivery Task list, service level count down
  • First Mile & last mile, Interhubs
  • Scan Barcode, Proof of Delivery & Pick-ups
  • COD automation, cod reminder, cod block
  • Offline updates, digital signature
  • Direct access to customer service
  • Promotional Deals
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Merchant Dashboard

  • Check Delivery Rates & creates order
  • Single, Bulk, API order upload
  • Dashboard Business Intelligence
  • Cut-off time counters, Print labels
  • Birds eye tracking & individual package tracking
  • Direct access to customer service
  • Promotional Deals
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Order Tracking

View order details complete with driver information and location.

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Admin Dashboard

  • Order : Upload & Export Order, Monitoring Order
  • Hub, trips, fleet, Driver/Rider Management
  • Webstore (Merchant) Management
  • Logistic Price, Customer Price, E-commerce Price, On demand Price
  • Location : Operational District, District, Cities
  • Audit Trails
  • Finance Report : Payout & Invoicing: Profit & Loss, Order Summary
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Hub Management System

  • Accept Order in his area & Assign task to the merchant courier himself
  • Inbound Order pickup / Trip interhub
  • Do a complete trip or making trip
  • Update order
  • Do assign interhub / last mile
  • Monitoring order pickup & last mile
  • Monitoring the history of inbound and outbound orders that pass through its hubs
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Transport Management System

  • Receive order delivery & Conduct an order to the courier
  • Monitoring of courier shipments
  • Backup update messenger / if courier can not update successfully or fail
  • Marking a courier has already sent / admin fleet
  • Check the history of order already sent / in the messenger update
  • Register a new member
  • Monitoring of courier data
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Checking Tariff

Finfleet Express Logistic Service can quickly monitor delivery history of goods. If the sender is about to ask for the items he / she is sending, the officer can quickly search for the delivery history of the item quickly without having to open many paper documents.

With the software that is the implementation of information systems management expedition and logistics, the management can see and know the global statistical data in the form of tabular and graphics about the development of operational activities that occur in the company

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Merchant API

Intralogistics processes are becoming ever more complex. In manual, automated and fully automated warehouses, countless processes need to be monitored, visualized and optimized.

This requires expertise. As one of leading provider of logistics systems, Finfleet Express Logistic System not only offers everything for your warehousing but also provides the concentrated IT expertise and easy system integration that only the industry leader can provide.

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